Matt Steiner - ENGR 408 Portfolio

Understanding Myself

Standing on top of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.
What I believe I took out of this portion of the class was understanding that the defining characteristics that make me who I am as a leader can be leveraged for potent results.  I began to become more introspective of my love of exploration and adventure, and realized these are traits that can be used to make for a great leader if understood.  Getting a chance to understand myself, helped me understand how to understand others as well. 
Our alien culture really helped me take on the idea of understanding others.  The paper is attached below for your reference.

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Personal Profile Analysis of Myself

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Above is a PDF link to my personal profile analysis paper I wrote during this introspection.  I took out of this introspection that:

1. You only get a true understanding of who you are by asking many of your closest friends and finding a common denominator.
2. Every personality type can be used to benefit a team if used correctly.
3. Always be honest with yourself in self-evaluation.